Space Mission 42

SpaceMission42 - The game

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SpaceMission42 is a vertically scrolling space shooter for Android, with:
✔ retro-style gameplay, challenging and hard
✔ modern graphics, beautyful and clear
✔ engaging music, personalized for each level (soundtrack by Aaron Rossi)

Technical details
✔ Multi level parallax scrolling
✔ 3D models with realtime reflections
✔ Three levels with final bosses (complete one level, unlock the next one)
✔ One infinite level
✔ High quality electronic music (soundtrack by Aaron Rossi)
✔ Sun picture courtesy NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO
✔ Space pictures courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Game editions
There are two versions of the game:
✔ the FREE edition, which is free and supported by advertisements
✔ the NOADS edition, which is paid and without advertising

With the exception of advertising, the two versions of the game are identical.

SpaceMission42 FREE edition

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SpaceMission42 NOAds edition

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